Bring Out The Winner In Your Child

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Bring Out The Winner In Your Child

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"I feel very lucky that we have found such a perfect school for my little girl right on the first try! Alpha-Kidz accompanies the development of my child, who sometimes thinks like a big girl and acts like a little one!"

- Teresa & Eduardo W.

"Alpha-Kidz is an amazing school."

"You might say that I've been around the block being that I have a 6 year old child in 1st grade and went through a few preschools before I discovered this one. Even though my first child did not attend this school, my second daughter who is now 4 years old is enrolled and is teaching her older sister a few things.


Alpha-Kidz is a school where a kid can be a kid and also want to 'do work' as the kids say. My 4 year old is reading, writing properly, doing advanced math like 10+7 in a matter of seconds, learning 2 different languages, etc..."

- June & Baxter S.

"Learning at Alpha-Kidz has made such a difference in the lives of our children. We are so blessed to have our children in such an amazing environment that allows them to learn life skills, math, reading, writing, music, different languages, and things that will stay with them their entire lives. It is the greatest reward in life to watch our children learn and grow."

-Don & Carrie B.

"This has been a year to remember!"

"Kiana adores you and your school."

The teachers are warm and caring, the academics far surpass anything that I have ever seen in a preschool, and the director cares for the children like her own.


My children are reading, writing and learning language several grade levels above their peers. My five year old is writing stories, taking spelling tests and LOVING it. She can't wait to open her homework!  My three year old is counting to twenty in Spanish and Mandarin and writing her name! Both of them love going to school, love their teachers, and have a sense of community that we haven't seen in the other preschools that we have attended in Santa Clarita.


Jessie instills in her children a fantastic love of learning that will be with them forever.  I wish that we had found Alpha Kidz many years ago.  Jessie, Craig and the rest of the Alpha Kidz staff are AMAZING!"

- Lisa D.

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"Jessie Kodish and the entire staff and the family of teachers at Alpha Kidz are the most dynamic group of educators I have had the honor of knowing and getting to love and care for.  It's easy to love and care for people that love and care for your children.  It is easy to care and love the Alpha Kidz team because my children talk about their school all day and talk about what they learned during the day with out being asked.  That to me is every parent's dream come true; to have your child "spell it out" for you with out asking "how was your day",  "what did you learn"?  My two children who have attended this school all their lives will not attend any other schools as long as Jessie and her amazing husband (Craig) keep their doors open.  If it were not for Alpha Kids my children would not be confident enough to take on theater classes, dance classes and both playing piano.  The curricula at Alpha Kidz is unmatched; we constantly ask the parents of children that have moved on from Alpha Kidz and their children are top of their classes; you deduce from that what you will.  For the amount you pay at the Christian schools (and we looked into ALL OF THEM) you get nothing compared to what you will get at Alpha Kidz.  Those schools sell hype and Jessie and Craig are real educators whom love the children as if they were their own!  For a school that started out from the living rooms and the kitchens of Jessie and Craig's home; they have sure come a long way and watch out Charter and Christian Schools, you have met your match!  Alpha Kidz is the real MCCOY!  Let's take back the learning process and really challenge our children to be the leaders of tomorrow.  You set the bar so high Jessie and Craig; no one can match the devotion and education at Alpha Kidz International."

- Hemman S.

"Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Truly the best pre-school in Santa Clarita."

"And now, they Started 1st grade!!! When I was looking for a pre-school for my daughter, I looked into all the schools in Santa Clarita and wasn't impressed.  I happened to find an add in a Canyon Country magazine and I came across Alpha-Kidz.  I am a stay at home mom and don't need a babysitter, I wanted a place that would actually teach my daughter something.  She started to read before she was 3 and I could not believe she was taking spelling tests and getting 100% on all of them.  She learned to count in Chinese and Spanish and by the time she finished Kindergarten she was doing multiplication.  All other schools including private schools don't  start multiplication until the 2nd grade.  Mrs. Jessie, the director has a way of teaching the children like no other.  The children are having so much fun while they are learning that they don't even realize they are learning! All the children that attend this school excel and they express themselves with amazing confidence.  They learn music and movement, and the parents are fortunate enough to come see them perform 3 times throughout the year.  When my son was born. I made sure he was on the waiting list and he has been going to Alpha-Kidz since he was 2 1/2.  He also has been reading since he was 3, and doing all the things his sister was doing. I was sad when my daughter graduated Kindergarten and at the time Ms. Jessie was thinking about opening up a first grade class, but wasn't sure.  I put my daughter in a public charter school and my daughter was coming home every day telling me she was not being challenged. She loves her new friends and her new teacher, but she really wasn't learning much. After six months of public school I have decided to take her back to Alpha-Kidz.  It's like coming home for her, she is so excited to come back! She was there for 4 years of her life and Mrs. Jessie knows her well and focuses on how she learns best. They have a 5 to 1 teacher student ratio and all the other teachers are equally as amazing. They all follow the program that Mrs. Jessie has developed and will keep developing since she has promised to keep increasing the grade level up to 6th grade!!! I am excited to begin our elementary school journey with Alpha-Kidz International!!"

- Cristina S.

"This School is like Santa Clarita's best kept secret!!


While visiting several preschool options in 2010 I took a break to have a bite to eat and picked up the local classified ads. There I found the ad for Alpha Kidz International (what a blessing).  I was a little thrown off when I found out the school was run out of a home, but I took the chance and made an appointment to visit the school.  After meeting with the Director Mrs. Jesse and seeing her overwhelming enthusiasm for children and teaching, I knew immediately that I would be enrolling my son. Unfortunately there was a wait list but he was in within 6 months.  At 3 my son was acing spelling test and perfecting his writing on a daily basis. At 4 he was reading Dr. Suess books from begining to end. At 5 his reading skills are at least at a 3rd grade level and his math skills are beyond my expectation. He is now learning 3 languages, and his math skills are beyond my expectation.


My second son did not have to be on the wait list because he already had a sibling at the school.  I have to mention that I was worried about my youngest child because he has difficulty focusing, would rather play, thinks everything is a joke and acts like life is one big party.  However, with time, patience and with dedication from the staff, my youngest has developed a love for learning literally (it seems) overnight.


The school has since then expanded and has 2 locations. THe wait list may not be that long anymore.


This school is exceptional! Money well spent! The instruction plan is amazing and truly works. To write down all the things that these children learn at the school would take a book.  One would truly have to visit the school to really see the amazing things happening.  


I will definitely be sad when my eldest graduates in June to go off to 1st grade. It too bad that Alpha Kidz does not extend to the Elementary level."

- Jennie B.

"Highly recommended!!"

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Alpha Kidz International is the most academically AMAZING school we have encountered!  Not only are the academics at this school unparalleled, Ms. Jessie and her amazing staff foster a love of learning in an environment that is loving, encouraging and truly stimulating.  The academic achievements of the children in this school, which currently range in age from two to seven, are beyond impressive.  The learning environment at Alpha Kidz International is so much fun, the children have no idea how much they are learning or how amazing their academic achievements are for their age.  Ms. Jessie and her teachers truly instill a love of learning in the children.  It is quite awe-inspiring to see 2-year-olds write their names, 3-year-olds reading, 4-year-olds writing from 1-100, five-year-olds writing full page stories, 6-year-olds reading years beyond their grade level and performing higher level math i.e., basic algebra, geometry, double digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, writing journals, etc.  Additionally, these children are exposed to the arts, music, multiple languages, cursive writing, world history, musical instruments, etc.  The children also have extensive public speaking opportunities and put on extraordinary performances several times per year.  The environment at Alpha Kidz truly fosters a love of learning in every child that enters the school.  The children have so much fun learning at this school and it is evident from the moment you open the front door.


In the past, Alpha Kidz International stopped at kindergarten.  However, after years and years of parents, including ourselves, imploring Ms. Jessie to continue her remarkable educational program, she was finally convinced!  Alpha Kidz now goes through the sixth grade!  I should note that Alpha Kidz is starting slowly with first graders and will continue to grow each year.  Our daughter is in Ms. Jessie's inaugural first grade class and it has been extraordinary.  Our daughter is excited to go to school every day and never wants to leave.  The curriculum is stimulating and engaging.  We can give no higher recommendation than Ms. Jessie and Alpha Kidz International!


Just to give others an idea of the types of performances and presentations the kids are exposed to at Alpha Kidz, I am providing a link to some of the school's videos--


These videos are even more incredible when you consider that the kids in these videos range in age from 2 to 6!"

-Adrian G.

"This school is EXCEPTIONAL."

"An education at Alpha Kidz International is truly one of the best gifts

we could ever give our daughter!!"