Bring Out The Winner In Your Child

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Bring Out The Winner In Your Child

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- Preschool

- Pre-K

- Transitional Kindergarten

4 Effective Teaching Approaches:

- Montessori: Hands-on learning activities with step-by-step guidance

- Thematic: Activities based on a weekly theme

- Multi-Sensory: Learning concepts through music, body movement, singing, dancing, and listening

- Full Brain Learning: Improve brain functions, concentration span, and memory retention

- Reading & Writing

- Cultural Studies

- General Awareness

- Right Brain Stimulation

- Kindermusical Band

- Arts & Crafts

- Math & Logic

- Music & Movement

Inspire your child with a motivation to learn using our unique approach.

Multiple Intelligence Curriculum:

Programs Include:

“She has a GREAT curriculum and the kids learn Spanish and Mandarin. My son is only 3.5 and already reading.”

- Kristy H.

 - Computer Learning

 - Practical Life Skills

 - Geography

 - Nature Study

 - Science

 - Speech & Drama

 - Sensorial Learning

 - Physical Education

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