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Bring Out The Winner In Your Child


Wacky Animal Phonics

This series consists of 6 different phonics levels that will teach your child everything from word sounds to vowel and special combinations. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.


•Level 1: Letter Sounds (Textbook & Activity Book)

•Level 2: Short Vowels (Textbook & Activity Book)

•Level 3: Word Families (Textbook & Activity Book)

•Level 4: Long Vowels (Textbook & Activity Book)

•Level 5: Consonant Blends (Textbook & Activity Book)

•Level 6: Special Combinations (Textbook & Activity Book)


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Phonics Discovery Series

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Phonics Discovery Series

The Wacky Animal Phonics songbook provides young children with a fun and exciting learning experience in mastering the 26 letter sounds of the alphabet. It incorporates the multi-sensory approach to teach the letter sounds in the form of stories, songs and actions. The multi-sensory approach integrates body movements, ears, eyes and speech to help children remember the sounds easily.


This songbook is ideal for children ages 2 and up, and can be used in school and at home. An audio CD of the songs accompanies the songbook. Contact us and ask to buy this book today!

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Wacky Animal Phonics

Phonics Discovery Series

Written by Jessie Kodish